About us

GOLDTRANS Ltd is relatively young but ambitious company that provides international road transportation and also other methods of transportation. There are bigger and smaller companies amongst our customers. Our clear goal is to be Your valuable partner in logistics.

Today our main business is the traffic between Scandinavian and Eastern European countries, where we operate with our own trucks. We carry part and also full truckloads. We also have the possibility to carry hazardous goods. Due to a well developed network of partners, we can also provide transportation on less common directions such as Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In addition to transporting the goods, we also offer storage and terminal services and also distribution logistics in order to have more flexibility in fulfilling our customer's demands.

Our actions can be recognized by fast and proffessional solutions. Our approach is friendly and customer orientated.

GOLDTRANS LTD          E-mail    trans@goldtrans.ee         Telephone    +372 611 22 11